Scott Moe’s European trip highlights the sustainability of the province’s resources


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe wrapped up his week-long European trade mission on Thursday after discussing food and energy security in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Moe called the trip a success as it promoted the province as a viable and sustainable option for providing food and energy resources around the world.

“Saskatchewan ranks very high in its ability to be a reliable and stable trading partner,” Moe said. “Our potash, coal, uranium and even our food products are more sustainable and have a lower carbon impact than many other parts of the world. It matters to buyers.

The trip took the prime minister to London, where he met with members of the British government and continued to Frankfurt, Germany, to meet with members of the European Union and several financial briefings.

Moe outlined three action plans which included Europe’s interest in Saskatchewan’s new critical minerals facility in Saskatoon, his continued work in the potash industry, as well as welcoming immigrants and refugees.

“What Saskatchewan is doing on the natural resources and agriculture front is exactly what the world wants,” said Moe.

On Thursday, Moe visited a shelter for displaced Ukrainian refugees in Kassel, Germany, where he met people forced from their homes and heard their stories. The Premier spoke of Saskatchewan’s ability to support the federal government in its efforts to welcome refugees.

“No one knows how long this conflict will last. These families need our support. Whether they come for two weeks, two months, six months or the rest of their lives, I think it is our responsibility to support them all.

Saskatchewan has already pledged $335,000 in funding for Ukrainians coming to the province and said there is no cap on the number of refugees they are willing to take in. Moe said funding could increase if needed in the future.

The Prime Minister will return home on Friday.


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