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Morning Paper/Deanne Johnson Despite last week’s rainy weather, Southern Local students had the opportunity to watch a Kubota backhoe operate, one of the pieces of equipment they could learn to use while participating in Utica Shale Academy programs.

SALINEVILLE — Some Southern Local students got a chance to see some of the Utica Shale Academy offerings last week and the careers they could prepare for as part of the school’s In Demand Jobs Week.

The days held in the rain at the Utica Shale Academy included a chance for 8th, 9th, and 10th graders to see the virtual welder in action and the operation of the large backhoe and forklift behind the building in the park, pick up tires and pallets.

Some of Southern Local’s board members, the three county commissioners and two candidates for public office who have spent time in the past helping schools like Utica Shale Academy raise funds for projects aimed at to teach students job skills for those who are not going to college.

“It’s a celebration of the best jobs in Ohio,” said Monica Robb Blasdel, a candidate for state representation for the region, once the Ohio maps were finalized. “Bill and his team are doing a great job here in Salineville.”

Blasdel participated in a workforce development task force for former Lt. Governor Mary Taylor beginning in 2011 and said it was important for students to realize that with degrees , they can get a job right out of high school, earning $50,000 a year or more.

State Senator Michael Rulli helped secure the school $400,000 in funding to build an indoor/outdoor welding lab. Rulli emphasizes that there are jobs here without going into college debt of $100,000 and he is honored to be part of the growth of Utica Shale Academy.

U.S. Superintendent Bill Watson, host of the event, said it was great to see so many people supporting the program, which invited 120 students to see what they can study by taking classes through the academy. American while taking or making up their high school credits. .

Over the past year, USA has moved into the old Hudson Building on Main Street in Salineville and has now expanded to land across the street that is being prepared for the new lab of welding and other opportunities.

The United States is also teaming up with county commissioners and the county jail to provide job skills to those incarcerated at Columbiana County Jail.

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