Should Oklahoma taxpayer dollars be used to fund school choice options?


In his State of the State address, Governor Kevin Stitt pledged to support legislation that expands school choice options for Oklahoma families. He praised Senate Bill 1647, which aims to give parents access to an ’empowerment account’ that holds taxpayers’ money that could be used for private school tuition. .

This week, we asked readers if state tax money should be used to fund private school tuition. Here are some of their responses:

  • “No, we have a public school. If someone does not want their child to attend public schools, they can pay the school fees themselves.”

—Katie Thornton, Mangum

  • “I don’t believe taxpayer dollars should be used to fund school choice options. Valuable education is important in raising children, but helping Oklahoma’s underfunded schools can be more useful.”

—Daniel Gutierrez, Edmond

  • “No. If they do this, the government will have more control over private schools and home schools.”

—Jim and Tiffany Holland, Oklahoma City

—Chris Scott, Oklahoma City

  • “No. Oklahoma should not be using taxpayer dollars to fund private school tuition. Just because the wealthy can send their kids to private school doesn’t mean we should divert funds to these institutions instead of funding public institutions.”

— Yenei Perez, Oklahoma City

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