Sonny Angara pushes for the creation of resource centers for IPs


Senator Sonny Angara is pushing for the creation of Indigenous Peoples (IP) Resource Centers to bring government services closer together.

Senate Bill 1167 or Indigenous Peoples Resource Centers Bill seeks to establish Resource Centers for Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICCs) and IPs in “strategic locations” determined by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

In pushing for passage of the bill, Angara noted that there has been little improvement in the lives of PAs 25 years since the enactment of Republic Act 8731 or the Rights of Persons Act. indigenous peoples (IPRA).

“We have over 100 IP groups in the Philippines comprising between 14 and 17 million Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICCs). Much has been said to protect the rights and ensure the well-being of our IPs, but the reality is that they continue to be among the most disadvantaged groups,” he said.

The proposed ICC/IP center will have three main service areas, namely: the area of ​​statistical services; Human Development Index service area; and the domain management service area.

The Statistical Services area will be responsible for documenting and recognizing CCIs and IPs, their indigenous knowledge, systems and practices, political structures and customary laws through censuses, assessments and baseline reports and libraries.

The Human Development Index service area will address the issues of CCIs and PAs and provide basic and necessary services through linkages with relevant government departments and agencies, such as training programs, provision of scholarships, employment, livelihoods and enterprises, and health services.

Meanwhile, the Estates Management Service Area will be responsible for promoting participatory programs, projects and activities for ICCs and PAs to effectively discharge their responsibility to maintain ecological balance, restore denuded areas, to observe the laws and to ensure the implementation of the sustainable development of ancestral domains and Protection Plans and other existing programs.


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