Sudbury’s innovative companies cut funding


Innovative projects in Sudbury are getting a boost with $3.6 million in provincial funding.

The Ontario government announced on March 2 that 13 projects would share funding from the Northern Heritage Fund Corp.

Among the funded projects, Greater Sudbury will receive $1,606,250 to lead the Northern Ontario Exports program aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses in Northern Ontario take advantage of global export opportunities.

Another $500,000 will go to Verv Technologies to further commercialize its home health monitoring system, Vi. The system allows users to perform simple blood tests at home to monitor health indicators such as vitamin D, glucose, cholesterol levels, and more.

Bio-Mine Ltd. will use its $67,175 to develop rapid, efficient and affordable COVID-19 test kits. Led by CEO Kurtis Vanwallegham, Bio-Mine previously conducted research and development on the use of microorganisms for the pretreatment, recovery and remediation of ore and mine waste.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bio-Mine established a health division to develop a rapid diagnostic test based on RNA and CRISPR technology, which the company says will be “more accurate and sensitive than any current tests used today”. .”

A complete list of recently funded NOHFC projects is available here.


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