Sudhsare Salt Lake City Lands $10M in Seed Funding


Salt Lake City — SudShare, the first and only nationwide marketplace for laundry, today announced that it has raised a $10 million funding round and is expanding its service to 100 additional cities, bringing the total number of cities with 500 available service. The funding round includes venture capital investments from Headline, Origin Ventures, Starting Line VC, Ludlow Ventures and Clean Ventures, as well as notable angels Steven Galanis, co-founder and CEO of Cameo , Joanna Riley, CEO and co-founder of Censia, Rob Chesnut, former general counsel of Airbnb, and Max Mullen, co-founder of Instacart. The funding will support additional market launches, product development and key hires.

More than 125 million American households produce 50 pounds of laundry non-stop every week, spending an average of 13 billion hours and $75 billion a year using their washer and dryer.

SudShare gives people the gift of time, while creating an opportunity for 53 million unskilled workers in the United States to work from home. Additionally, SudShare takes advantage of gig workers defecting from Uber, DoorDash and other marketplaces, and allows “covid-sensitive” workers who would prefer not to return to in-person environments as well as previously stay-at-home parents absent. of the working population, to earn money while being able to take care of young children or aging parents. In total, SudShare has over 70,000 registered Sudsters serving over 80,000 customers, many of whom earn several thousand dollars a month.

Watch a video on how the SudShare Marketplace works here.

“There hasn’t been innovation in laundry since the washer and dryer nearly a century ago,” says SudShare co-founder and CEO Mort Fertel. “SudShare is part of the do-it-for-me movement, where people outsource tasks to free up time and enjoy life. SudShare was started because of a comment my wife made in 2017 at home with five kids and buried in laundry. She said, “I can tap an app and drive to the airport, Facetime someone halfway around the world, but I’m still doing laundry like my grandma.” My 16-year-old son, Nachshon, was in the laundry room at the time and responded like a typical teenager, “I’m not helping you with laundry, but I can solve this problem for you. ‘I’ll build you an app.’ And he did. And SudShare was born. As we’ve evolved, we’ve remained a family business with family values ​​at its core, helping other families create more free time or work from home.

“Laundry is one of life’s unavoidable chores, but it’s a time-consuming weekly chore that takes our attention away from other, more fulfilling aspects of our lives. SudShare is changing that dynamic,” said Nicole Farb, Partner at Headline. “SudShare’s unique approach as a marketplace offers millions of households a new way to save time by providing a cost-effective, on-demand laundry solution. The growth they’ve had so far has been phenomenal, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to grow. »

Price and availability

SudShare is a contactless experience and 96% of customers give SudShare a 5 star rating. Customers can enjoy national service benefits for just $1 per book. Visit to enter a zip code to see if your city has availability. The SudShare application is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

About SudShare

SudShare is the nation’s first and only laundry marketplace, providing work-from-home opportunities for millions of people. 125 million American households produce 50 pounds of laundry non-stop every week. The company is pioneering a new category in the $350 billion laundry industry, personal launderers, allowing people to outsource a necessary chore and enjoy a better life with more free time. Offering simple pricing and a contactless, frictionless experience, people can avail SudShare’s services in more than 500 cities nationwide. Founded in 2018 by the Fertel family, SudShare is backed by venture capital firms such as Headline, Origin Ventures, Starting Line, Ludlow Ventures and Clean Ventures, as well as notable seed funders including Steven Galanis, co-founder and CEO of Cameo, Joanna Riley, CEO and co-founder of Censia, Rob Chestnut, former general counsel, Airbnb and Max Mullen, co-founder of Instacart. SudShare is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. For more information or to download the app, please visit


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