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CORNING – The Corning Veterans Memorial Hall is starting to show its age after nearly 90 years, and some are wondering what to do with the historic structure.

The Tehama County Board of Directors received an information presentation about the room at its December 21 meeting.

Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto Architects present supervisors with three options, to remodel the existing structure, to construct a new building that would replace the old one or to have an existing building renovated into a new hall.

The company asked a team of engineers to examine the existing building and see what was going on there. They looked at the feasibility of redesigning it and tried to prioritize the tasks from high to low. A few electrical and structural issues come under the high priority, while updating the building to meet updated building codes is a medium priority. Low priority areas include repairing toilets and building interior.

The redevelopment of the hall would cost approximately $ 6,459,064 and the construction of a new building would cost $ 8,949,090, while leasehold improvements are estimated at $ 4,920,200. Completing the must-haves on the list is estimated to cost around $ 1.2 million.

Senior Associate Architect Daryn Howland recommended looking for a rental improvement location rather than renovating the existing lobby or constructing a new building.

“A leasehold improvement is the best balance between up-front costs and the expected life of the building,” Howland said.

There is no funding associated with this project yet, but supervisors are trying to identify sources of funding.

Supervisor Dennis Garton said he visited the veterans building on several occasions and was always full.

“I personally wouldn’t want to downsize, the ability to have a building that could meet those demands around here,” Garton said.

Supervisor John Leach said the room has become a community center and more for Corning residents. He agreed with Garton that he didn’t want to downsize.

“If we build a new building or if we renovate the one we have, how much of the nostalgia can still be retained in that building,” Leach asked.

Supervisor Bob Williams is working with Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s office to see if any federal dollars could be used for the project.

“I don’t know if there will be, but if you never ask the answer is always no,” Williams said. “So I will continue to work with his office to see what we can do to try and help this.”

Supervisor Candy Carlson and Leach are also working to find funds for the necessary improvements.

This topic will be transferred to an ad hoc committee for further discussion and analysis.

The Corning Veterans Memorial Hall was built in 1933.


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