Swansea start-ups benefit from financial support – report | Wales Business News


Dozens of start-ups in Swansea received funding worth over £80,000 last year.

Figures from April 2021 to March 2022 show that 87 start-ups have received funding to help cover the costs of work, including website design, training courses and equipment.

Managed by Swansea Council, funding schemes include the Swansea Start-Up Grant and the UK Steel Company Start-Up Grant.

Also run by Swansea Council’s Business Support Team, a Swansea Start-up Enterprise Club runs monthly workshops with expert speakers to give new businesses advice in areas such as social media, employment law and networking.

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member of the Swansea Council for Regeneration, Investment and Tourism, said: “It is very satisfying that the council has been able to support so many start-ups in Swansea – many of which have not could not have afforded to create mount without financial assistance.

“These figures show that Swansea has so much entrepreneurial talent, with some of these new businesses also increasing footfall and spending in our city centre.

Businesses that have received start-up support include Super Bio Boost on the High Street and Crochenwaith Llwyndu Pottery in Glais.

Specializing in holistic health products made from naturally grown plants and herbs, Super Bio Boost has received funding from Swansea Start-up Grant.

Benefiting from a UK steel company start-up grant, Crochenwaith Llwyndu Pottery manufactures a range of decorative ceramic figurines, many of which are Welsh themed.


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