The Nabual district has a new resource center



The Duke of York Local Government’s Nabual Ward of Kokopo District, East New Britain Province, will now have access to a new resource centre, an initiative of the local Ward Member.

Nabual parish member Ben Mode said the community held meetings and community gatherings under shady trees and it had been difficult for them.

He said they started the project with K5000 from Kokopo district COVID-19 funds.

The project received massive support from business houses in Kokopo.

Support includes building materials and financing.

Top Brat Trading, through its Managing Director Kenny Lin, contributed K94,000 towards the completion of the project.

Ereman ToBaining, Press On Hire Cars and Tropicana Limited were among others who contributed to the project.

The total cost of the Nabual Neighborhood Resource Center was 160,000K.

“It was a collective effort, of communities and also of companies,” Mr. Mode said.

He said they asked for help to complete the project.

The resource center will benefit the residents and surrounding villages of Butlivian.

Former Kokopo MP Ereman ToBaining and East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga were among the provincial administration delegates who witnessed the commissioning of the resource centre.


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