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Voting is not the only way to make your voice heard. If there is a business that has a vested interest in how the government can help it achieve its goals or the goals of those who support it, lobbying is its way of doing things. With entire companies dedicated to influencing and convincing congressional lawmakers to support the funding or bills they want, all kinds of groups can keep the federal government on top of things that matter to Americans.

One of the country’s favorite coffee chains spends around a million dollars every year on advocacy, like sustainability and immigration rights. Defense companies have a close relationship with the U.S. government by pushing for budget credits to be sent to them, and the shoe giants are pushing to facilitate foreign relations on their bottom line. They all use companies with a wealth of research and resources to build relationships with politicians who can keep them going.

To find out the top issues lobbyists are working on today and which companies are hiring them, Stacker used OpenSecrets 2021 data based on data from the Senate Public Records Office. The most recent data was released on October 22, 2021. Below are the top 10 issues currently solicited and their clients, which include businesses, professional groups, unions and other types of organizations. Many clients and lobbyists focus on multiple issues, and not just because they can benefit financially. Some companies on this list do not derive any direct benefit from lobbying on these issues, but instead use their money and influence to support them politically.

Whether it’s reputation or compensation, here are the companies that are backing the top issues on the lobbyists’ radar right now.

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