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Toplaunchpads help crypto investors and developers find the best cryptocurrency launchpads in the crypto world today.

Indonesia – December 27, 2021 – As the world finally embraces the magnum potential of cryptocurrencies, cryptovers are rapidly gaining ground in the mainstream tax space. About 100 crypto coins are created every day; A good number of cryptocurrencies are driven by visionary missions and futuristic goals for which they need a solid backing from a wide range of investors. Cryptocurrency launch pads provide the real estate needed for new crypto coins to present their coin to the world and generate funding before the coins even go public. And Indonesia-based leading crypto resource portal,, has become the go-to resource for crypto launch pads.

Also known as crypto incubators, crypto launch pads allow blockchain-based projects to raise capital while still allowing investors access to token selling at the initial stage.

In an exclusive interview, the main spokesperson for, shared that crypto launch pads provide a win-win situation for crypto developers / platforms and investors. For crypto platforms or developers, cryptocurrency launch pads offer them the opportunity to market their new coin as well as raise an early stage of funding for the project. It also allows them to measure and analyze the level of interest aroused by the new piece and its future prospects.

For investors, cryptocurrency launch pads allow them to buy the new crypto coins at a reduced price. When crypto platforms launch their new crypto coins on launch pads, they launch them at the “first-time user price,” which is much lower than the price they later set in crypto exchanges.

“If you are a savvy investor eager to invest in a promising new cryptocurrency, it is wiser to start your investment on cryptocurrency launch pads before jumping into an exchange. Not only will you benefit from preferential rates for first-time users, but also many other advantages, such as holding and stake prizes. And that’s where comes to your aid, ”the senior spokesperson said.

Top Launch Pad,, offers a full range of information on cryptocurrency launch pads. From the list of tokens and the selling structure to payment options, security features and the highest launch pads, the site covers everything on the launch pads.

“Investments in cryptocurrencies are generally large investments and we want you to take informed action when choosing a Launchpad, whether you are a cryptocurrency developer or an investor. We assure you detailed, up-to-date and most authentic launch pad information so you can connect to a reliable and compatible launch pad for your token or investment.

In addition to being the one-stop-shop for crypto launch pads, also aims to be a credible resource for the various concepts of cryptoverse. The platform not only contains information about the launch pads and their benefits, but also about all the major cryptocurrencies that are ruling the crypto scene today.

“You can count on us as your absolute portal to crypto launch pads and many other major aspects of the crypto scene.”

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