Traverse City Women’s Resource Center Talks Domestic Violence Awareness Month and New Grant


The Traverse City Women’s Resource Center is one of 45 domestic violence emergency shelters to receive part of a $420,000 DTE grant to continue supporting victims of domestic violence.

“We have been so blessed by DTE over the past three years that they have provided support for our emergency shelter,” said Executive Director Juliette Schultz.

Schultz says this grant will help keep their shelter in operation.

“We have to raise about $138,000 a year just to keep our shelter open,” she said. “The funding we receive does not cover all the expenses involved in ensuring comfortable housing for our clients. We are simply grateful that DTE has decided for another year to provide us with additional support. »

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Shultz says it’s an important time to remind others of the resources they offer.

“Domestic violence is probably one of the most heinous public health issues facing our community,” Shultz said. “It affects nearly 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men during their lifetime. Sometimes people who are in abusive relationships don’t even really realize they are in a domestic violence relationship.

The Women’s Resource Center has a 24-hour helpline as well as a 24/7 emergency shelter.

“We have survivors who come in every day who don’t even recognize that they’re being abused — emotionally abused, coerced into doing something,” Shultz said. “That’s why the Women’s Resource Center exists.”

If you or someone you know needs help, you can find more information on the Women’s Resource Center website. hereor call their helpline at 231-941-1210.


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