Trim Family Resource Center Launches Three-Year Strategic Plan


Trim FRC Board Members Nita Finnerty, Mark Keane, Charlotte Reilly and Jacinta Kielty

Trim Family Resource Center recently held its ‘Embracing Communities’ event at the Trim Castle Hotel when the organization also launched its three-year strategic plan.

Trim FRC, based in Mornington Drive, are proud to be connected to several local and national agencies and groups with the aim of bringing various support to the South Meath area.

“We were extremely touched by the level of support shown by over 30 groups who attended the event. It was a great in-person post-Covid opportunity for both networking and sharing information and experiences with our local community,” said Justyna Doherty, Project Coordinator.

“It was the first event of its kind that we have organized, and we are delighted to be able to bring together so many representatives from all the different departments,” she said. Attendees were treated to live performances from Singing for Wellbeing and Dancing groups, and guest speakers from the community and fundraising sectors.

“One of the best things about this event is that it highlights how our collective strength is supporting people in ways that we as individuals couldn’t,” commented Nita Finnerty. , one of the volunteer board members.

Project Coordinator, Justyna Doherty, and volunteer Board Member, Mark Keane, presented Trim FRC’s new three-year strategic plan outlining the work Trim FRC intends to carry out in collaboration with the community of South Meath and local and national partners.

“Trim FRC has just celebrated its 20th anniversary serving Trim and South Meath. Many lives are improved every year, whether by providing access to summer camps for children, by donating food through our food bank, by advising parents or children, or simply by connecting people in our many group activities for all ages,” said Mark.

“We seek to improve physical and mental well-being and to combat isolation. Sometimes just having a conversation over a free cup of tea or coffee can propel an individual or their family into a much better place,” he added.


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