Refrigerator-free ready meals that are ready to eat in 90 seconds and delivered right to your door on Walmart store shelves across United States.

AUSTIN, TX, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PROPER GOOD, an ultra-convenient home-delivered catering company that offers nutritious prepared meals made with simple, high-quality ingredients, officially announces the closing of $3.5 million in seed funding led by YETI Capital* and The Artisan Group.

Other investors include the founder and CEO of Halo Top and Gatsby Chocolate, Doug Buttonwho joins the board of directors, alongside Drawn Zang, Managing Partner at The Artisan Group; and Maxx Karr, Managing Director of YETI Capital. The funding will primarily support PROPER GOOD’s meteoric growth in e-commerce and retail, followed by its recent expansion into more than 2,000 Walmart Supercenter stores, as well as the company’s continued product innovation.

Launched by the famous Shark Tank siblings Jennifer Jane and Christopher Jeanne in 2020, the duo successfully sold over 500,000 meals directly to consumers in their first two years. In addition to increasing DTC revenue by 400% annually, PROPER GOOD’s wide range of fully cooked, ready-to-eat oatmeal, soups, chilies and curries, with more 90-second options designed for Keto, based on plants and gluten. Free consumers in the pipeline are flying off shelves across Thrive Market and Marley Spoon.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for nutritious, ready-to-eat meals made with delicious, healthy ingredients,” Jennifer and Christopher Jane comment. “We are thrilled to expand the availability of our high-quality products catering to different lifestyles and dietary preferences at Walmart with the support of our roster of stellar entrepreneurs and investors.”

Doug Button says, “PROPER GOOD has created something truly innovative: healthy ready-to-eat meals that taste incredibly good and are incredibly convenient to eat,” said Doug Button, co-founder of Halo Top Ice Cream and CEO of Gatsby Chocolate. “I’ve made my biggest angel investment yet in PROPER GOOD and feel like I’ve already been repaid with the time PROPER GOOD Meals saved me from cooking and cleaning.”

Drawn Zang also comments, “What got us excited from our first conversation with Chris was his experience and charisma, we invest in people first and Chris is the ultimate team player. PROPER GOOD is a brand built on quality and innovation that is poised to disrupt. Combining a talented team with a brand and product offering that has mass appeal has enabled the company to scale rapidly across multiple channels. We are thrilled with the to have as a partner and we look forward to unlocking the potential based on the foundations the team has built.”

Maxx Karr adds, “We are thrilled to invest in PROPER GOOD, not only because Chris and Jennifer have created a new category of premium, shelf-stable meals, but they have also created an exclusive data platform with feedback. ‘continuous information, ensuring the constant evolution of consumers’ demands are met.’

With options to purchase individual items, create your own six packs and subscribe online, PROPER GOOD foresees impressive growth momentum in the future. For more information about PROPER GOOD or to shop online, visit www.eatpropergood.com and @eatpropergood on Instagram and TikTok.

* YETI Capital is an investment vehicle created by the founders* of YETI Holdings, Inc. (YETI: NYSE) (“YETI”). YETI Capital is in no way affiliated with YETI.


Started by a sibling duo Jennifer and Christopher Jane in 2020, PROPER GOOD offers a wide range of refrigerator-free fully cooked meals in the oatmeal, soup, chili, curry, and overnight oatmeal categories that meet keto nutritional needs, based from plants, gluten-free, dairy products. free and low sodium consumers. All of these products, made effortlessly with simple, clean and functional ingredients, are ready to eat in 90 seconds. Christopher Jeanne was nominated by Forbes as one of the Next 1000 Entrepreneurs, and the company has been featured in multiple media including Food Industry News, women’s healthand Reader’s Digest.

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