UNBC initiative brings sustainable options to the kitchen


Affordable and sustainable food options have been a hot topic in British Columbia since flooding caused major disruptions to supply chains.

A UNBC initiative called Eco-living kitchen (ELK) has gone a step ahead in trying to bring locally sourced, low-waste options to workshops.

Helga Holler-Busch is one of the outreach coordinators for the ELK program, and said they have prepared a range of different meals and are even considering outdoor workshops as the weather warms.

“So we’re really focused on bringing together those kinds of classic pillars of sustainability. We want ecological sustainability, in the types of food we eat, and the ways we prepare it, and how we buy it, but we also want to build the social aspect of community and well-being, and well safe, affordability, which is especially important for the times we live in now.

Holler-Busch said they are also looking for more Prince George connections.

“Through the Nourishing Innovations funding, it was meant to be designed specifically for the university, but we brought in people from the wider community and we’re always open to that, and there’s certainly no barrier to that. let that happen.”

“We really want to create this connection between the University on the Hill and the downtown part, because I think we are all very proud to be part of UNBC, but also to be part of the larger community of Prince George and the North,” added Holler-Busch.

They said there were a few people who graduated from UNBC and were looking for ways to continue the ELK project, and for anyone interested in getting involved to reach out.


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