Union R-XI Hires Companies For Complicated Central Elementary HVAC Replacement | Local news


The Union R-XI School District Board of Directors has pledged to spend up to $ 1.5 million to replace the Central Elementary School’s HVAC system.

Deputy Superintendent Dr Mike Mabe told the board he had told the contractors about a possible cost for the project, saying: “We hope it is in the range of $ 1.5 million. of dollars. Depending on the state of the economy and the situation, until we submit a bid, we really won’t know.

The board has approved a resolution of intent that will allow the district to reimburse itself for the money it has already spent, up to $ 1.5 million, once it finds funding from d ‘a bank. The district pays all costs for the project until the offers arrive.

The board agreed to make two major purchases on the Central Elementary project at the December meeting, hiring an outside construction manager and a mechanical engineer, at a combined cost of nearly $ 140,000.

The board hired Navigate Building Solutions, of St. Louis, as the construction manager for the Central Elementary project. The company receives a lump sum of $ 49,367.

In November, Union R-XI voted to appoint Navigate as the owner’s representative for upcoming projects, including Central Elementary HVAC and a new greenhouse at Union High School. This agreement provided for Navigate to be paid as needed until an agreement for a project was reached.

The 77,000-square-foot central elementary school project, which has 70 heat pumps, will be complicated, Cory Bextermueller, the district’s point of contact with Navigate, told the board of directors.

“It’s not a small project, it’s a $ 1 (million) to $ 2 million HVAC project, a big project,” he said.

Bextermueller said the project is expected to start right out of school in May and end within 12 weeks.

Resident Frank Rice asked Bextermueller if Navigate was the general contractor for the project. Bextermueller said his company’s job was to represent the district and the prime contractor had yet to be hired.

Navigate previously worked on the Union R-XI’s $ 27 million Wildcats proposal, which officials say saved the district far more than Navigate got paid.

“Because of them as much as anything else, and because of the expertise we have on the staff here, we’ll end up with a great project at a reasonable cost, and schools can’t always say that” said Chairman of the Board, Dr Virgil Weideman. .

True Engineering Group, which is based in Springfield but also has an office in Washington, also hired at the December meeting. True will provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for the Central Elementary project for a fixed amount of $ 90,000.

True stood out from the other three bidders on the project in part because they were candid about the delays, Mabe said.

If the project cannot be completed in the summer of 2022, Mabe said True gave the district the option to press the “pause” button and complete it the following summer. “They assured us design is design, Central Elementary is what it is,” Mabe said. “We can’t afford to say 12 weeks, and then week 11, ‘Oh wait, this is now stuck in a container’, and then we don’t have HVAC for Central Elementary.”

Navigate and True will work with the district on the project’s prime contractor bids, said Alex T. Holtermann, project manager for True Engineering Group.


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