University of Minnesota seeks $2.8 million in city funding to install more lighting around campus


As crime has recently been a major concern for the University of Minnesota, the school wants more street lighting to be installed to improve safety near campus.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has outlined a $14 million funding plan to install more lighting in parts of the city to deter crime.

The University of Minnesota is asking for $2.8 million to be used on streets near campus.

Some students say they take different routes home at night to stay on the better-lit streets.

“You have to go through town instead of going straight to the house where you have to go. So it would be much more beneficial to have lighting so you feel safer while walking,” said Hannah Serrano, a student at the University of Minnesota.

Students aren’t the only ones who want more public lighting.

“We have heard from countless parents, countless business owners, students and University teachers that it is so dark in the neighborhoods, Dinkytown, Marcy-Holmes, where all the students live off campus,” said Brian Peck, who is a member of the University of Minnesota Parent Campus Safety Coalition.

University of Minnesota trustee Brian Farnsworth also supports more street lighting.

Mayor Frey’s funding for more street lighting goes to the Minneapolis City Council to be voted on in December.

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