Van Hollen, Cardin and Trone announce funding for $ 1.2 million US bailout for Hagerstown and Frederick airports


03 December 2021

Today, US Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin and US Congressman David Trone (all D-Md.) announced $ 1,202,449 in new US bailout funding for Hagerstown Regional Airport ($ 1,143,449) and Frederick Municipal Airport ($ 59,000). Federal relief funds will be used to cover the costs of operations, personnel, cleaning, disinfection, janitorial services, debt service payment and to prevent the spread of pathogens at the airport in the United States. amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Investing in our airports supports our local economies and helps stimulate business in the region”, said lawmakers. “That’s why we fought to pass the US bailout and get federal dollars like these to help our local airports overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to work to bring federal resources to our state to modernize Maryland’s infrastructure and support our regional airports. “

“New funding for the US rescue plan ensures that airport staff are equipped to deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic and keep our community safe,” said Jeff Cline, chairman of the Washington County Council of Commissioners. “The Hagerstown Regional Airport has been an important part of our community for as long as I can remember, and making sure it can function properly is critical. I would like to thank Congressman Trone and Senators Cardin and Van Hollen for helping us secure this funding.

“We are very pleased to receive over $ 1.1 million in grants from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA),” said Rick Johnson, manager of the Hagerstown Regional Airport. “These funds will help HGR as we continually work to combat the health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They will be used in our operational efforts to control the spread of pathogens at the airport, to include funds for additional cleaning, disinfection, concierge services, etc. HGR is a gem to our community and these funds will help us in our ongoing efforts to provide a safe environment for those who use our airport.

“The federal government’s investment in general aviation at FDK is an investment in the economic vitality of the town of Frederick, said Michael O’Connor, mayor of Frederick. “This additional funding will help FDK continue to develop our local transport economy and support the city’s full economic recovery from the effects of the pandemic. “

“We appreciate the continued support of our federal partners, the relief funds from ARPA will help us achieve our goals of being the preferred intermodal gateway to the National Capital Region and the Frederick region” said Andrew Moore, manager of Frederick Municipal Airport.

Hagerstown Regional Airport is one of the oldest operating airports in the country. It is located on Route 11, just three miles north of Hagerstown. The airport contributes to the community by hosting private pilots, businesses and tourism events.

Frederick Municipal Airport, also known as FDK, is a full-service relief airport in the National Capital Region. It operates over 90,000 flight operations per year, making it the second busiest airport in the state of Maryland.

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