We will look at KEMSA as well as HR status, says PS candidate Peter Tum


Principal Secretary Designated for Medical Services Peter Tum promised a rigorous restructuring of reforms in the health sector, especially in public hospitals.

During its verification before the National Assembly committee chaired by MP Endebess Robert Pukose he noted that once approved, he would give a lot of consideration to boosting human resources in hospitals to avert the crisis in public hospitals.

“The problem is our health service delivery system in public health facilities. The problem that is missing is that we have not considered health service personnel as required by the standards sanitary facilities,” Tum said.

Also, on its radar once approved will be the reform of the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority to meet standards and respond to medical purchases in line with the needs of the 47 decentralized units.

“Standards have not been met and therefore there is a need to demand agenda reform. It is high time we reformed KEMSA to respond to commodity disruption purchases so that we put it in the way required”, assured the principal secretary for Medical services.

Tum however warned that access to health care in public hospitals for common mwananchi will be unsustainable if funding for the sector through the National Hospital Insurance Fund will not be respected.

“We are looking at funding through the NHIF and as Alliance Kenya Kwanza we will leverage it to enable our people to get services in hospitals,” the candidate said.

This follows the narrative raised by MPs that poor Kenyans who can afford services in private hospitals must suffer due to neglect in public hospitals.

The death cases that have prompted investigations have been blamed on grossly negligent caregivers, which is an indictment of the poor state of our public hospitals.

Tum was a PS in the Ministry of Health before being appointed by the former president Uhuru Kenyatta in his current position of PS State Department of Labor at the ministry of Work and social protection on March 1, 2019.

Tum previously served as Kenya Medical Training College CEO and holder of a graduate degree in Medical electronics from University of London.

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