Working4U will support the work of the independent resource center


A VITAL service that was forced to close was ‘a direct hit from Covid’, advisers confirmed.

Last week the Post reported how the Independent Resource Center (IRC), based in Dumbarton Road, Dalmuir, will close permanently on March 31 due to lack of funding and a shortfall of more than 300,000 £.

Over the years, IRC has helped residents with everything from problems with debt and recovering benefits owed to them, to welfare advice and filling out forms.

IRC staff and volunteers have recovered approximately £7 million over its 32-year lifespan for Bankies.

Councilor Jim Bollan had moved an emergency motion for the council’s Working4U team to take over the IRC premises in Clydebank as well as funding as they would need to undertake support works.

The motion was not heard, but instead Councilor Ian Dickson noted in the SNP budget motion that Working4U would cover the impact of the loss of IRC.

He told the meeting: “The closure of IRC will be a huge blow to communities and it has helped put millions of books into the hands of those who need them most over its many years of existence. functioning.

“This closure is a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic and we have considered that we may need additional investment in our Working4U team to resolve any additional work and help us continue to help those who have previously requested the help from the IRC.”

Cllr Bollan, who at one time sat on the IRC’s management committee, had submitted his motion to the chairman of the board to be considered for debate.

It read: “The Council agrees to retain the £104,000 intended for the IRC plus the £63,000 held in reserve for the group.

“These amounts should be transferred to W4U to provide social rights services to Clydebank.

“W4U should attempt to take over the former IRC premises to provide a familiar environment for Clydebank customers.”

Marie McNair, MSP of Clydebank. said, “Budgets are always difficult for the board. As you know, many of our constituents are facing a cost of living crisis fueled by the Conservatives and this budget is for those who are most affected.

“I say this as the investment to meet the demand by the sad closure of the IRC.”


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