Xponents Funding: Xponents Raises $ 1.56 Million in Seed Funding

Xponents recently raised $ 1.56 million in seed funding from a UAE-based venture capitalist. The company plans to allocate the funds to create and improve its future AI-based platform that creates a synergy between the ecosystem of multiple sectors and builds teams for each growing sector.

With the idea of ​​accelerating India’s growth to a $ 5,000 billion economy, Xponents understands the strengths and challenges of both family businesses to help them synchronize and co-create with each other. . With access to over 4,000 business families, Xponents plans to create landing platforms for global startups and bring Indian businesses to global markets, through family businesses.

Commenting on the launch of Xponents, Sarth Jain, Co-Founder, said, “India is the largest FMB ecosystem and the third largest startup ecosystem in the world and they don’t speak the same language. If these two ecosystems speak out, we could surpass the $ 5,000 billion mark and eventually aim for $ 10,000 billion. We build an ecosystem via a platform to allow all stakeholders to synergize and grow.

In a statement, Abhishek, an angel investor, said: “The next wave of disruption will be in the B2B industry. The experience of family businesses in this area will be an excellent opportunity for startups to exploit the potential of this space ”.

The company was founded by Sarth Jain, Deepak Nagpal and Ratish Pandey. Jain is also the president of Vinyl Pipes. Nagpal has held various leadership roles at Publicis Sapient and Fidelity during his 23-year professional career. Pandey, with 35 years of corporate experience in multinational companies in national and international markets, brings expertise in strategy, marketing, sales and marketing, business transformation and team mentoring.

In a statement, Nagpal said, “I firmly believe that startups and founders are a great force in fueling India’s growth story and family business owners have an excellent understanding of market dynamics. , real world problems and opportunities. I have always wanted to merge these two great forces to create something new.

The company has launched three verticals: Xponents Ventures, Xponents Deals and Xponents Investments. He has also integrated well-established family businesses, Alpha Plastomers, Kabra Bearing and Power and Ganesh Laxmi Textile Processors.

India is dominated by ambitious family businesses capable of turning the whole industry around, but they lack access to the next generation mindset, synergies and scalability. Therefore, Xponents aims to bring family businesses together and bridge the technology gap between them for exponential growth.


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