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While entertainment and education don’t usually go together, popular social media app YouTube proves otherwise.

The company was recently seen launch a set of new features for those who consider it a great addition to the education sector. And that includes a new player for Classrooms that works without ad breaks and another course designed with education makers in mind.

Many think the app works really hard as the default option when it comes to education, home projects, or just a reliable way to do your homework with tips.

On average, new statistics prove that 93% of viewers use the platform to get the information they feel they deserve. And today is the day when the app also introduced an ad-free educational player for classrooms.

This allows educators to view any content through the app without having interruptions that disrupt the flow of learning and thinking. It will also allow content to perform ad-free on various third-party platforms.

At the same time, the app offers experienced creators the opportunity to offer free lessons across the entire app. The company recently confirmed the news via a blog post which highlighted how much the decision made was for improving the app to provide the ultimate educational environment for those looking for a little something extra.

With no distractions in the middle, teachers can use the app for various aspects of their curriculum and even provide links to students that aren’t hindered by ads that come in the middle.

The app enables this by having great working partnerships with companies like EDpuzzle and even Purdue University, which plan to expand further in the future.

As it stands, YouTube is already available on Google Classroom and around 150 million people are using this feature globally. Therefore, YouTube claims that the new player will benefit a number of users in the education sector who will experience better improvements.

But that’s not all. YouTube doesn’t stop there. The app gives educational content creators the ability to offer paid and even free programs. They hope to set up more structured apprenticeship programs.

You can find the new programs in the app, but they will need to be purchased. This way, educators can benefit from revenue through their content.

Likewise, the move can help provide users with definitive skills and meet their demands to provide informational videos related to various courses.

The launch would first take place in the United States and places like South Korea, just before seeing it expand to different countries soon. At the same time, this option will only be present for a handful of creators at first before they see a proper rollout.

Finally, the platform adds Quizzes. It’s another great way for students to put their knowledge to the test. These will be accompanied by reference links that will help reinforce information that users are already familiar with. You will soon be able to see this launch in beta.

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